Our Company – Perth Solar Panels

“Improving the way we live, one property at a time..”

We have been in the industry for over 30 years, providing home solar energy to homes and businesses through-out Perth and WA. Our speciality is solar energy systems and great customer service – with no hassles! We truly believe in listening to our customers, learning about their energy needs, and provisioning them with a solar energy system that will reduce or even eliminate their energy bill entirely! We have a strong passion for quality customer service, and have earned an outstanding reputation for reliability and honesty in the solar energy industry.

With over 10,000 solar power installations completed, we’re ecstatic that we can assist you in reducing your costs and carbon footprints! Solar energy is a great opportunity where you can do something good for yourself and also your local planet.

Our support team is here to help, we look after all the red tape issues and provide the necessary forms, invoices, instructions, paperwork, and guides on the exciting installation day. You can also call us at any time with a query about your solar energy system  and we will be more then delighted to assist you. We’re always very happy to hear from our valued customers and hear about how your system is doing.

High Quality Service

We only use highly experienced A Grade technicians and installers who have been fully certified by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) as 100% qualified to install solar power systems. Our installers are very efficient, always arrive on time, and clean up everything that bring with them – leaving your property as good as it was before we arrived. They will also instruct you on how to use your solar power system, as well as provide you with everything you need to get your solar power system plugged into the electricity grid and get up and running.

Our Values

Perth Solar panels is dedicated to serving its customers by:

    • Providing incredible levels of support, both before and after the installation.
    • Providing the highest integrity level, to ensure trust and reliability.
    • Consistently pushing for excellent technical knowledge and assistance.
    • Always honouring any guarantees we make, both in letter and in spirit

    Perth Solar panels is dedicated to serving its employees by:

    • Teamwork commitment with uttermost respect for our individuals
    • Encouraging initiative and accountability on an individual level
    • Create a  fun and challenging corporate & work environment
    • Improve and learn from our mistakes, consistently making improvements