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As a commercial community essentially, we emit a very significant amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are contributing to a number of environmental issues. Solar energy is very viable from a commercial sense and also a completely green solution that saves you a lot of money long term and also reduces your carbon footprints, as well as positions you and your business as leaders in your industry and community.

Deserving Returns For Green Leaders

commercial solar power

Recently, most of the benefits of commercial power systems have compelled a majority of government institutions and public organizations to take notice and make drastic actions. Perth Solar Panels is ideally situated to partner with your business on your solar energy project. In response to the surge of interest we’ve received over recent years, we have become to largest solar panel installer in Perth!

Australian businesses can save significant amounts of money each year by installing a commercial solar panel system from Perth Solar Panels. Our commercial grid-tie systems are always custom designed with you and your needs, and have your budget in mind by our qualified engineers, so you’re able to add more to your base line with solar energy

The Power Is Yours

You will have the power to choose the amount of green energy you’d like to. Whether you’d like to offset part of all of your current electricity costs, our commercial solar systems can solve the issue in a very clean, green way. In saying that, any additional power you generate, can also be sold to power companies for a major profit – thanks to the governments feed in tariffs.

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Dependable Experience & Capability

As a leader in our industry, Perth Solar Panels is the most trusted and respected supplier of green solar energy systems for both businesses and homes – all over Australia! At Perth Solar Panels, we draw our expertise from over 30 years experience in the solar power industry.

Our network of accredited solar system installers and engineers guarantee that responsive and knowledgeable tech support is readily available and always at hand. We only stock the highest quality systems and components, and all necessary accessories. When it comes to getting your solar system designed, we provide everything.

With our system, it has never been easier to make the switch to commercial solar power – Get a reliable installation by going with Perth Solar Panels today.