Solar Panels

Have you ever wanted to have power without relying on the power company? Solar panels are the answer. Solar panels for your home or business absorb sun light and convert it into electricity. It can be expensive to first install depending on how much electricity you want to make but solar panels will last for up to 30 years. Making it a great one time investment. Solar panels require little to no maintenance and save you money.

First you need to determine how much electricity you want to make. Do you want to go completely off of the power company’s grid? Or do you just want lower electric bills? With some power companies you can stay connected to them and use their energy when needed and sell them back any excess energy you produce. Check with you local power company to find out if this is something that is done in your area. You may need special equipment to make sure that you are not sending power through power lines in the event of a power outage.

If you want to go completely off the power company’s grid, you need to find out how many solar panels you will need. To do this you can check with a meteorologist site, it will list average sunlight levels for your area by month. You need to plan for the worse month to have enough electricity year round. Your local solar panel experts can usually get this information for you and help you determine the best system for your home or business.
To use only solar panel power you will need batteries. Batteries store the energy so that you always have electricity, even when the sun is not shining.

Batteries will also need a charge controller. A charge controller keeps the batteries from overcharging and prevents them from draining all of the power out. Batteries will need to be checked and replaced regularly. You can also use a back up generator to have power when the sun isn’t shining.

You will need a power inverter because the solar power and your local electric companies power are not the same. A power inverter will convert the power from your solar panels into the type of energy that your home or business uses. Some of the large inverters will allow you to automatically control your system and also protect against power flowing into the electric lines in the event of a power outage. Add in the mounting hard wear, dc and ac disconnects, overcurrent protection equipment, grounding equipment, junction boxes and the wiring and you have a complete solar energy system ready to go.

You can install solar panels yourself if you are a do it yourself-er but remember electricity is dangerous. Make sure you buy all equipment from a professional solar panels expert who will give you step by step instructions on how to correctly install and operate your solar panel system. The best bet is to get a professional solar panel installer to install your new solar panel system.