Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

If by chance you live in an area that is not maintained by a key electricity grid, then getting access to power can be very expensive, and usually also involves dealing with issues like pollution, noisy machines, expensive maintenance, and expensive re-fuelling.

These are a huge number of obvious benefits that are associated with install an off the grid solar system. After you’ve moved over the costs of installing a stand-alone solar system, you will have access to an unlimited, independent, completely free source of energy & power directly from the sun, that will be reliable for years!

Additionally  by taking advantage of the governments solar credits scheme, you’ll also be able to reduce your up front costs by a lot.

Harness the sun’s power with off-grid solar.

These off-grid solar power systems generate energy directly from the sun, which requires virtually no on-going maintenance, as well as being completely silent. These systems provide a very clean, green  and reliable source of clean power – even when there is no sunlight.

Perth Solar Panels, is Perth’s leading supplier and installer of off-grid solar power systems. We provide very reliable solar systems that will generate an unlimited amount of power for you and your home or business!

Off-Grid Solar Panels

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