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Using the cutting edge of solar power technology enables EnergyPak (Perth Solar Panels) to make a very big promise. Green Star micro inverters and EnergyTrak monitoring enable us to deliver Perth’s only refund for lost power guarantee.

How can we do that? Good question.

Via your own secure web log into our monitoring platform you can see every panel. Panel by panel comparisons can be made. So finally the linear warrantee the industries best Tier 1 panels carry is worth the paper it is written on. Let’s not talk about the cheap stuff.

With a string inverter you will never know if a panel is 10% under-performing. Say after 365 days, you divide the total of your systems yield displayed on the inverter outside somewhere. If it adds up to be 10% below your installation companies estimations will they replace it?

“Oh sir, it’s been a poorly solar year and I assure you there is nothing to worry about”. If you do get their attention and they come to assess your system, will they pull every panel apart and  test panel by panel with an I/V curve tester. Not likely. The profit in the more budget end of town, which is the vast majority of systems in Perth, does not lend to affording this type of service. Nor do their component manufacturers.

If an inverter breaks down on a string inverter system, the whole plant stops. You are not notified. Your bill arrives, something does not seem right, you check the system…it’s off. For who knows how long? If it’s a reputable inverter model like a SMA or Power-One you will after a week or two if your installation company will come and fix it, get a replacement . And a standard warranty on even the best European brands is 5 years. Meanwhile, you have lost 100’s of kW/hrs and will anyone refund you for your lost power? Not likely.

This is not a problem for a EnergyPak, micro inverter monitored system.

    • Every panel is individually comparable to the adjacent panel. Online for you to see year after year. In real time and historic data stored on our Australian servers.
    • Detailed pre installation plans of the location of each panel allow easy replacement.
    • 1 inverter for every 2 panels means the losses if an inverter stops are minimal.
    • Quick notification via the web site catches any problems fast.
    • 25 year warranty on inverters means you won’t be putting your hand in your pocket.

So it’s not that EnergyPak are just another big talking sales company. It’s all about the technology.

So we can and will from the time you alert us of any loss of power until it is 100% fixed refund you for lost power production.

It’s not so hard to realise that this is not such a big deal since 2 panels produce about 60 cents a day. And that’s not the point.

The point is no other system enables anywhere near the peace of mind that an EnergyPak system does.

We Guarantee it!  Because we can!

Perth Solar Panels guarantees to beat any written quote, for identical installations, from any competitor within an 80km radius. If you find someone cheaper, just let us know – we’ll beat their price by 5%

Our systems are made up of Teir 1 panels, Micro inverters with free lifetime guarantee, panel by panel monitoring, and house monitoring!- WE will not be beaten