Quality definitely matters.

That is definitely true of many things, but especially to do with power systems. Why so? Because the performance of your home solar system is dependant entirely on the quality of your panels and solar system. The higher quality products you use, the more electricity you will produce over a longer period of time. The more power produced, the more money you can save.

There are also safety matters to consider.. You need high end quality electrical components and accessories so you don’t encounter shorting or fires on your premises (This has happened in the past with poor quality systems). You also need to ensure the racking is high enough quality, or you could encounter a flying solar power system during a wild gust of weather!

Quality matters. It is completely essential to being happy with your investment. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of low quality systems out there on the solar market at the moment. Our best advice is for you to Contact Solar Panels Perth today, for free, objective advice – and to hear about our service / price guarantees, and 25-year warranties!

At Perth Solar Homes, we only sell, stock, and install very high quality solar products for our power systems.

Our panel’s include: Solar World, and Renesola

We use one inverter type: GreenStar micros

Brochures on the solar panels we use – mono_black_240-250_en / Virtus2 250w-260w

Inverter Brochure – Greenstar-Brochure-v8