There are so many reasons why Solar Power is the best choice for your home or business..

Peace of mind from rising energy prices

Once you have a solar power system installed on your premises, it will continue to generate 100% free electricity from the sun every year on. This will enable you to dramatically reduce or even remove your electricity bills and also gives you peace of mind, know that you’re doing what you can in order to keep bills as low as you can while still being able to enjoy the benefits provided by all the gadgets your solar system will power.

Government Incentives

The Federal Government’s Rebate system gives you thousands of dollars back from your solar system purchase. In addition to this, state based tariff schemes will purchase any additional unused electricity.

Significant Investment Returns

There are not many better financial investments better then solar energy. You’ll be saving on your electricity bills from the get go, this will translate into an investment return of 15-30% per annum for many years. This means your solar system will pay for itself in about 3-6 years depending on the solar system size.

Increase the value of your property

Homes on the market that have taken steps to being energy efficient, have been proven to always sell at a significant premium higher then the average home. Consider being able to tell a prospective buyer that instead of paying a bill 2 months, they could receive a payment! With steadily rising electricity costs, buyers will always focus more on energy efficient homes and solar systems when considering homes to purchase.

Do your part for the environment

Generating electricity from your own solar system will mean you’ll be drawing less electricity from the power grid, which also means less coal is burnt at power stations which will reduce the most largest source of carbon pollution. Installing a solar power system is the single most efficient step you can take towards reducing your harmful carbon footprints.